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An Important Film About Responsibility and Accountability Every Young Person Must See!

Tracy's Choices is the true story about the decisions we make in life

Tracy is an example of a young person, filled with promise and possibilities, who consistently made the wrong choices. This is a film that reminds viewers - you aren't just a victim of your past or of circumstances - there is a need for accountability and for personal responsibility. People need to know they are NOT invincible, it can happen to you, and some of the choices you make today can kill you. Tracy's Choices is a very warm, sensitive and touching presentation including humor, original music, and extensive visuals. Tracy was arrested by Lt. Jim Mays in a "sting" operation, and sent to prison. But Jim was also instrumental in Tracy's decision to put her faith and trust in Jesus Christ. As a result, her life completely changed. However, the years of alcohol and drug abuse were taking their toll. The Governor of Illinois granted Tracy a full pardon, and she returned from prison to die. But she didn't die, not right away, and Tracy used the last months of her life to help as many young people as possible, avoid some of the mistakes she had made in her life.
The Comments: "Powerful message" - High School Principal / "Many will be changed by Tracy's story" - Newspaper Editor / "Our kids responded to someone who has been there" - Pastor / "I know that Tracy's Choices is going to help people everywhere, make right choices" Pastor / "The basic premise of the video, that our actions have consequences and that we have to take responsibility for our actions, is a good one" - Denomination Ministry / "My husband and I watched it all the way through without taking any breaks - the equivalent of a Siskel & Ebert two thumbs up at our house!" - Seminar Leader. / "Everyone we know should see this film." Teenager / "How I wish I'd had this film when my daughter was growing up." A Dad

The Awards

National TELLY Award (equal to an Oscar for non-theatre films)
The DOVE Foundation's Seal of Approval
Winner of The Christian Filmmaker Award for Best Documentary.
Tracy's Choices

Produced For Teenagers With A Message For All Of Us
The Market Place
P O Box 4126 Rockford, IL 61110
(815) 877-1514

 DVD $19.95 + $5.00 S/H = $24.95

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